Published work


Fraying and mending; five paintings

La Picioletta Barca


Babel wasn't hit but my town was / Dear Mr Carson / to the wall and back

Map Literary

come join my fleet / a stone to lay my head on / I might imagine heaven

otis nebula

where we conclude that we already do not want for anything

Hot Pink (40 over 40)

I too want to stand in a meadow (with process note)

Quartet, spring/summer 2023

this is not a love song

backroom poetry, pack of cards anthology (print)

filling the sink

Suburbia, Absurdity Anthology (print and e-book)

Sunday morning

Barrow Street, Winter 2022-23 (print)

morning commute

what shall I do today

Sublunary Review, March 2023

self-portrait as an ancient woodblock print

tiny wren lit, issue 3 (self-portrait issue), December 2022

fenced in and kept safe

Split Rock Review, issue 19, winter 2022-23

winter is coming and we don't know what to do

Consequence Forum, volume 14.2, Fall 2022 (print)

How did the fish first get into the pond?

Tiny Spoon, issue 9, CUT/COPY/PASTE: The Remix (print)

when you come out of a war

Oyster River Pages, issue 6.1, September 2022

a furnace is a dangerous place

Olney Magazine, September 2022, featured poet


NonBinary Review, issue #29 and Alphanumeric podcast

this is where my children live

kerning | a place for words, volume 2 (print)

I keep thinking of the fig

Right Hand Pointing, issue 148, Summer 2022

He sends me the list of the fourteen dead

Pangyrus Lit Mag, July 2022

that was exactly what it was
and now, four reasons to be okay
how much had to come together to make this happen

Otis Nebula, issue 17, July 2022

after they hit the city (Grozny, winter 1995)
and now you’re asked and then you’re told (Kabul, August 2021)

Hole in the Head re:View, volume 3 number 2, May 2022

this life we built

The Dewdrop, November 2021

set the world alight

kerning | a place for words, volume 1, October 2021 (print)



Beloit Poetry Journal: flammable - a poem

Grist: A Journal of the Literary Arts: fraying (2) - a painting